Instagram Takeover: Kristina Love

This month’s Instagram Takeover features Virginia-based photographer Kristina Love AKA @renegadelovekristina.

Like most of the photographers featured in our Instagram Takeovers, Kristina draws her inspiration from time spent exploring the Blue Ridge Mountain region. Because she has spent so much of her life in the Virginia Blue Ridge, she brings a long-held and unique perspective to our daily Instagram feed that we’ve come to look forward to.

Check out some of Kristina’s work below along with a short Q & A in which she shares some insight about how she got her start in photography, favorite hikes and outdoor pursuits and some valuable tips for beginning photogs.

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BRO: Where are you from and where do you take most of your photos?
KL: I have lived in Lynchburg, VA for 14 years and take most of my photos along the Blue Ridge Parkway from Roanoke to Amherst County, Virginia.
BRO: How did you get your start in outdoor photography.
KL: A few years ago I started taking pictures with my cheap phone while hiking and camping and although I loved doing that, I just wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the images.
I wanted to better capture and share the magical moments and emotions I experienced outdoors in such a beautiful environment, so I researched cameras and jumped into the deep end of the photography pool.
BRO: What kind of equipment do you shoot with?
KL: I shoot with a Nikon D810 and Nikkor 12-24 and Nikkor 80-400 lenses.
BRO: What is your favorite season for outdoor photography?
KL: While I have to say Summer is my favorite season with it’s lushness and extended light, I truly appreciate the beauty of each season. Plus photography gets me out in the cold dark winter when I would otherwise hibernate!
BRO: Do you have a favorite hike in your neck of the woods?
KL: My favorite hike is a relatively easy climb of Cole/Cold Mountain in Amherst County. It’s part of the Appalachian Trail and I catch the trailhead at the Mount Pleasant Scenic area off RT 60 in Amherst, Va. It’s a magical place with magnificent scenery. With sunrise and sunset views, it just never fails to take my breath away! I highly recommend it.
BRO: What advice would you give photographers who are just starting out?
KL: I’ve been shooting for just 2 years, so I feel like I am still just starting out, but what helped me in the very beginning when I was completely clueless was working with other photographers and asking tons of questions and reading and watching tutorials online. There is a ton of information available out there. I’m very grateful for the advice, assistance and support of fellow photographers.
BRO: If you had to choose one destination to shoot in for the rest of your life what would it be?
KL: That’s too hard to answer! The truth is I carry my gear with me everywhere because I am amazed at the beauty that surrounds me daily. Sometimes it’s just a simple moment revealing itself in an ordinary setting.
BRO: Do you have a favorite outdoor pursuit?
KL: Wildlife photography is my favorite pursuit. I love witnessing intimate moments with wildlife and being able to share that through a photo. I also enjoy hiking, camping and scenic drives.

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