Go OutsideInstagram Takeover | Nick Walsh

Instagram Takeover | Nick Walsh

This month’s Instagram Takeover features Georgia-based outdoor adventurer and photographer Nick Walsh, known on Instagram at @_shootnick_. Originally from West Virginia, Nick credits his love of outdoor photography to time spent in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. When he’s not summiting Appalachian peaks in search of the next best shot, he can be found shredding waves in the Outter Banks.

Check out a sampling of Nick’s work below, follow him on Instagram, and get inside his head with our exclusive Q & A located at the bottom of this post.

rsz_whenitwaswarm“Last spring up top Grandfather Mountain looking South by Southwest.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.12.30 AM“Cold mornings in the high lonesome.”SunriseSiler“Early to rise with Wayah Bald in view courtesy of our campsite on Siler Bald, just South on the AT.”Strawberries“Taking photos in this part of the world almost feels like cheating….Pre-dawn and ready to hit the trail from Nantahala Country near Wayah Bald.”rsz_eon“Looking west after a great day on the trail near Wesser, NC. This day made the ridge lines seem to go on for eternity.. as close to perfection as I can recall.”rsz_dingomohn“Never under estimate the value of a travel partner like this. Best friends aren’t easy to come by and this one and I can always count on each other. Southern AT country.”916055_1705577676344014_1500455701_n

“New year’s resolution: more of this. Dex and Tiger high above in 2016.”

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BRO: What is your current home base and where are you from originally?

NW: My wife, Caroline, and I live in Buford, GA, but I grew up in Charleston, West Virginia.

BRO: Outside of photography, what is your favorite outdoor activity?

NW: Surfing. I guess that might be kind of an odd response for a guy from WV with a serious mountain problem, but surfing is and has been a big part of my life for a long time. I love the Outer Banks.

BRO: What’s your favorite town in the Blue Ridge Mountains?

NW: Black Mountain. The vibe is right and its easy to get lost around there- I dig that.

BRO: How did you get into photography?

NW: I really got into shooting when I sort of re-discovered the mountains. When I moved back east I had the opportunity to get up in the hills and spend some solid time wandering around and finding places to play. That move definitely inspired me to want to capture my surroundings- kind of as an immersive experiment with my resolve as an outdoorsman.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.39.29 AM

BRO: How long have you been shooting?

NW: Right around a year and a half.

BRO: If you could only choose one area in this region to hike, explore, and photograph for the rest of your life what would it be?

NW: Nantahala National Forest, for sure. It has it all: water, trees, mountains and mellow, little towns. I don’t think I’ve ever seen color like it is there.

BRO: One piece of gear (minus your camera) you wouldn’t head into the woods without?


NW: Definitely the Leatherman. I haven’t really gone a day without using it. It must be a sign..

BRO: Favorite musician from the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic?

NW: The Civil Wars. My wife turned me on to them a few years back and their sound resonated deep. Nashville counts, right?


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