Is It Possible to Find Nature in the City?

Revelation, a Visual Poem. from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

Dear Mountain Mama,

Recently a promotion took me from the mountains to a city. While my wallet is more padded, I miss getting out on trails and rivers after work. Sure, there are green spaces here, but tucked between the concrete jungle.

Is it possible to get my nature fix in the city? 


Feeling Claustrophobic


Dear Claustrophobic,

All of us find a certain peace from spending time outdoors. Connecting with nature helps to put our own problems into perspective, and reminds us of all that’s beautiful in the world.

Appreciating nature is like any other skill, it requires practice. Living in the mountains or at the sea makes it easy to marvel. In more urban environments it might take more imagination to find nature in the city, but it is all around us. If you seek out Mother Nature, you’ll find she graces every sidewalk, every skyline, and every city park. She’s the sun shining on your shoulders, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the raindrop dancing through a puddle, and the first spring flower. Even beholding a single blade of grass can be a reminder of all that’s green and alive.

The more you focus on noticing how the breeze blows the leaves or the sudden rage of a thunderstorm, the more connected you will feel. Take breaks from the fluorescent lights. Go for a quick walk around the block. Challenge yourself to find something to appreciate.

Claustrophobic, when you truly learn to see Mother Nature’s splendor even in the mundane, your next adventure in a true wilderness area will leave you euphoric.



Mountain Mama

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