Man’s Best Friend

Once home she greedily ate the bowl of food I poured and lapped down an entire bowl of water. Then she napped. Even the cat walking by wasn’t enough to get her up. I started to panic and called my pop to find out how much aspirin he would give his dog for her arthritis. I panicked that I’d run her too hard and that she would tear her ACLs or develop early arthritis. I brought her bed to her and then rolled her into it. Although she prefers the couch, she didn’t move. I put her water bowl between her feet and she drank half of it. The kids came home and she merely got up to wag her tail at them. She looked at me desperately when Wyatt tried to wrestle her, so I gave her massages.

I was terrified that by morning my children’s dog would be dead. But no. By morning she was back to attacking the cat and pouncing on the baby from across the room.

I can’t wait to take her again.

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