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Meet the 2015 BRO Athlete Team

Blue Ridge Outdoors has selected 40 elite regional athletes to represent us in 2015. Each of these BRO athletes will be posting in-depth, behind-the-scenes personal stories and photos from their adventures all year long.

These athletes participate in nine different sport disciplines: trail running, mountain biking, road cycling, whitewater paddling, climbing, road running, fly fishing, long-distance hiking, and triathlon. Our team includes teenagers and masters athletes at the top of their game. They hail from eight different states across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, and they will compete in over 120 events this year.

Eli Woodard, a teenage biking phenom. Bill Gentry is a 53-year-old ultrarunner with 17 100-milers under his belt. Laura Farrell wins extreme kayaking races. Alicia Hudelson smashes ultrarunning course records. Chris Hipgrave is a national champion paddler. Maria Bocanegra is an elite runner and proud mom. Paul Nelson and Jay Reese are top regional climbers. Scott Martin is an Iraq veteran and warrior hiker. All 40 of our BRO Team members are more than just great athletes — each has amazing stories to tell and adventures to share.

Look for the BRO Athlete Team at events near you and follow their adventures at the BRO Athlete Team site.

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