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Mountain Mama: Word Hard, Play Hard with CrossFit

Dear Mountain Mama,

My motto is “work hard, play hard.” I put in long hours at the office, but come Friday evening my car is loaded. Whether it’s biking, kayaking, climbing or skiing, I put in full days. But as I start to near 40, I find myself increasingly injury prone.

Any ideas for the best way to cross train so I head into my weekends strong?


Weekend Warrior


Dear Weekend Warrior,

Cross training and rest, in equal measure, are vital for you, Weekend Warrior. From the sounds of it, you like intense exercise. Consider checking out the CrossFit program, designed to be a functional, meaning that many of the movements are the same actions your body will encounter in the outdoors.

The work outs are constantly varied. Every day the Workout of the Day (called the WOD) is written on the whiteboard. One day the work out might be lifting weights, jumping onto a box, and climbing a rope as many times as you can for 15 minutes. Another day the workout might consist of running, push-ups, and squats. Unlike the traditional gym model of machines and repetitive, isolated exercises, CrossFit keeps the work outs interesting and challenging. And grandparents do exactly the same work outs as Olympic athletes, using appropriate weights and an individualized intensity level.

Weekend Warrior, you will get sweaty, tired, and sore. You may even throw-up. But you’ll never get bored. And the best part with CrossFit is that the work outs are only one hour and rest days are encouraged.

Here’s to squatting, lifting, running, rowing, and stretching well into your forties and beyond!


Mountain Mama



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