Mountain Mama: How to Make a Kayak Sled

Dear Mountain Mama,

I saw lots of kayaks being used as sleds this past week. How do I create my own kayak-sled?

Kayak to Spare

Dear Kayak to Spare,

“Kayedding” or “Sledyaking,” or “Snowyaking,” depending on who you ask, is a growing sport. The long, sleek body and flat hull of a kayak makes it highly efficient at gliding down snowy hills. And big creek boats can provide plenty of room for a passenger or two.

Here’s what you need to make your own:

1. A kayak broken beyond repair for normal use.

2. Paint that sticks to plastic (optional for artistic effect).

3. A jigsaw or saws-all.

4. A heat gun and/or sandpaper.

Directions: Cut the cockpit and remove the seat and all outfitting from boat to maximize the size of your kayak sled. Sand with heat gun or 80 grit sandpaper. Paint kayak for artistic effect (flames or lightening bolts look super flashy screaming down the local sledding hill).

5. Wax the bottom to maximize performance.

No kayak beyond repair? Don’t worry, an intact kayak can do double duty, and works great as a sled, only with less room. Use your paddle to gain speed and stay upright.

No go get your Kayedding on!

Mountain Mama

Photo by Meghan Rolfe

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