Go OutsidePatagonia and Dogfish Head Collaborate on New Brew

Patagonia and Dogfish Head Collaborate on New Brew

Crisp, eco-friendly pilsner is perfect for spring sipping

Pilsners are a light and refreshing option for beer drinkers in the spring. They’re perfect for sipping while doing yard work or after a long mountain bike ride. And now there’s a new one available from an unexpected source—Patagonia. The outdoor industry mainstay has teamed up with craft beer pioneers Dogfish Head Brewery to produce Kernza® Pils, a German-style pilsner made with organic hops and Kernza, a regenerative perennial grain with long roots that helps the environment by sequestering carbon in the ground.

Well known for high-quality outdoor apparel, Patagonia has been expanding into selling responsibly sourced food and beverages via offshoot Patagonia Provisions, which offers tasty treats like buffalo jerky and organic dried fruit. The company decided to partner with Dogfish Head on the new beer to spotlight the earth-friendly benefits of Kernza, which was developed by the Land Institute, a Kansas-based organization that focuses on regenerative agriculture.

“We create each of our products with a solutions-based mindset, discovering and incorporating ingredients that help to solve the environmental crisis,” says Birgit Cameron, co-founder and head of Patagonia Provisions. “Together with Dogfish Head, we’re able to spotlight the important and pioneering work of The Land Institute. By creating market pull for a regenerative crop like Kernza perennial grain, we hope to incentivize farmers and brewers to shift in this direction and to further our commitment to being in business to save our home planet.”

The beer comes in at a sessionable 5%ABV, with Contessa hops providing notes of pear and green tea that blend nicely with the grain’s spicy backbone. 

Kernza® Pils is available in six packs at select locations in the Mid-Atlantic. Track it down here.

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