A Q & A with Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles Founder Thomas Coffee

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Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles builds custom adventure vehicles to designed to enhance the outdoor lifestyle. The BRAV team is led by Thomas Coffee. An avid outdoor adventurist, Thomas has lived most of his life in Asheville where he enjoys mountain biking, camping, paddle boarding and snowboarding. We recently caught up with Thomas to learn more about his mission with Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles.

BRO: Tell us a little bit about your company.

BRAV: We customize vehicles for adventurous people enabling them to take their gear with them and having the comforts of home.


BRO: Where are you located?

BRAV: We are based in Asheville North Carolina, a giant outdoor mecca.

BRO: How do you like being based there? 

BRAV: We like being surrounded by an outdoor community, also having an airport close by helps because a lot of our customers are out of state. We try to buy most of  products from local businesses.dsc_0166

BRO: How did it get started? 

BRAV: From a very young age I loved being adventurous and outdoorsy.  Campers have always intrigued me, so we brought the two together. We got started making a personal camper. People on the road really liked our craftsmanship  and design, so they wanted to know how they could get one. The first one sold, then we built another, sold it and, so on.image4BRO: Tell us about your design process. 

BRAV: Our design process starts with helping the customer find the right vehicle, so size, make, model, and cost are important. We like to know what options customers are most interested in, and what recreational  gear they plan on hauling. From there the interior and exterior designs are formed based on specifications from the appliances, options, and sports equipment.

BRO: What sort of outdoor activities do your customers love?

BRAV: Most of our customers are greatly influenced by the outdoors. They range from hikers, cyclists, boaters, surfers motorcyclists, and people who just want to  hit the road.dsc_0097BRO: What advice would you give someone who looking to outfit an adventure vehicle for the road? 

BRAV: Here is some advice for someone looking  to outfit an adventure vehicle.
Try to figure out what options you would like and the ones you need like A/C, water, and a fridge ect. Once you have an idea, now it’s important to find a vehicle that is sized accordingly. A lot of car manufactures make models in different heights, lengths, and options for making a camper conversion easier. Remember bolt on items are always easy to add after a conversion is complete. The important things to do first are insulating, options that are mounted to or require cutting the body of the vehicle, electrical, plumbing, and then interior finishes.image6

BRO: How can people get in touch with you?  

BRAV: You can give us a call or we can be reached by email. (828) 338-9405


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