EnvironmentQuick Hits: Exercise May Keep You 30 Years Younger + Seismic Blasts...

Quick Hits: Exercise May Keep You 30 Years Younger + Seismic Blasts Approved for Atlantic


Exercise May Keep You 30 Years Younger

A new study in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggests that exercise my keep you 30 years younger. The study took a look at a group of active men and women, many in their 70s, who have been exercising for decades and compared them to a group of age-matched older people who had not exercised in adulthood and a third group of active people in their 20s. The study found that the muscles of the older exercisers had as many capillaries and enzymes as the younger people’s muscles, and much more than the muscles of their sedentary peers. Though the active group of elderly people did have lower aerobic capacities than the group in their 20s, their capacities were about 40 percent higher than their inactive peers and researchers calculated their cardiovascular health was that of people 30 years younger. The study suggests that regular exercise may help us evade physical frailty later in life.


Underwater Seismic Blasts that Could Harm Sea Life Approved by Trump Administration

The Trump Administration has approved requests from five companies to survey for oil and gas under the floor of the Atlantic Ocean using airgun arrays. During seismic tests, surveyors send extremely loud bursts of air through the water every 10 to 12 seconds to produce shock waves. Tests can go on for weeks to months and are immensely disruptive to marine animals like sea turtles, dolphins and the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Though precautions will be put in place to minimize harm to marine life, critics say they are not enough. For instance, blasts will be prohibited within 56 miles of endangered marine mammals but sounds from airgun blasts can travel up to 2,000 miles through the water. Many state officials also condone the plan due to its impacts on commercial fishing and potential damage to coastal tourism industries in the event of an offshore drilling disaster. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management must still approve testing but the bureau is expected to OK the process.


Right Wing Activist tries to Infiltrate Sierra Club

Last April a man named “Earl White” began volunteering one morning a week at the Sierra Club’s Angeles Chapter stuffing envelopes and answering phones. A few months later, that man allegedly approached the campaign of Jon Tester, incumbent Democratic senator from Montana, presenting himself as the fundraising coordinator for the chapter. According to ThinkProgress, “He was so persistent in his requests for time with Tester’s campaign that staff contacted the Sierra Club’s national office to ask about him.” A short time later, the Sierra Club received a tip that it may have been infiltrated by a right-wing operative associated with James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, which targets left leaning politicians, activists and institutions with deceptively edited videos. Indeed, “Earl White” was Ernie White, a right-wing commentator, climate change denier and Trump advocate. White also infiltrated the campaign of Arizona’s Democratic senatorial candidate Kyrsten Sinema. The Sierra Club believes that White was using his involvement in the organization as a cover for further infiltrating key political campaigns.








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