An open letter to bike manufacturers.

Attention bike gear companies: My kids are looking for sponsors. I know what you’re thinking–they’re only two years old, what sort of benefit could they bring to a company such as Cannondale, or Specialized, or Moots. Well sirs, it just so happens that yesterday, my kids had a developmental break through. They figured out how to pedal their tricycles. Yeah, that’s right, the twins are now ready to shred.

I understand that bike companies aren’t typically in the business of raining down money and gear on toddlers, but watch these two kids pedal their pink and red machines and you’ll quickly realize that we have a unique situation here. I admit that their technical skills are a bit lacking at this point in their career and they still need to work on some key fundamentals, but they have an enthusiasm for bikes that is unrivaled. The minute they figured out that pushing those little pedals moved their tricycles, a light bulb went on. It’s as if they realized if they pedal hard enough, there’s no way daddy can catch them.

You’re obviously not going to sign the kids to a lucrative multi-year deal just on my word alone. So I’m currently piecing together a demo tape that demonstrates how rad these two toddlers are. I’m still working on getting the girl to pedal fast enough to jump the flaming fire pit. Once she has that trick down, I’ll send the tape your way.

Let the sponsorship bidding wars begin.


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