GEARRaising the bar because we just can’t help ourselves.

Raising the bar because we just can’t help ourselves.

We’ve been best known for designing innovative sleeping bags featuring our Big Agnes Sleep System for over a decade. What could we possibly change about such a proven system? We think about gear a lot. We are constantly stressing about things like fabric strength, tent pole architecture, how to cut grams; it’s what keeps us awake at night. You may say we’re obsessed but that’s what keeps us fired up. In fact, it’s what we stand for at Big Agnes. So when we asked ourselves the question, “How can we make something great event better?” We went right to our original, the bag that started it all. We decided to find a way to make our System Bags even more like a comfy bed away from home.


The Big Ages System is different than the traditional sleeping bag on top of a sleeping pad. Instead, we unite the two. With our Big Agnes System, the pad slides into an integrated sleeve on the bottom of the bag. The System Bag setup provides a secure foundation and keeps you on the pad all night long. We wanted to make it even better. We recently started with the Classic Down series. Already super warm and easy to pack, the new design gives you more room to move and feels like a down comforter draped over your body, while the generous hood gives you more range of motion so that you can move unrestricted while staying hooded. What does all of this mean? It means you have room to sleep on your side! We also improved our Women’s Classic Series, which got a super cool facelift and a little extra insulation in the foot box. The Divide Ultralight Series was also updated so the gram counters are stoked as well. Regardless of which of the new bags you choose, they all were updated with DownTek™ water repellent insulation which maintains loft in moist conditions. The updated bags are even easier to care for and dry out.

Lost Ranger 15 Side

Our product team is constantly thinking, improving, and challenging the norm. How can we make it lighter, faster, stronger? At the end of the day, we wanted to be even more comfortable when snuggling up with Big Agnes. We do it all so we can sleep outside, so we can sleep in the dirt. We’re pretty proud of what we do, I guess you could say we sleep pretty well at night, especially in the dirt.

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