A friend of mine and her three children write a list of things they want to do each summer. The list is usually 100 activities, celebrations, meals, or events they want to enjoy during their summer break.

I love this idea, and I love their list (enjoy it yourself here).

Watermelon appreciation day.

No electricity day.

They have some terrific ideas and since school starts in just a matter of days, I hope their list is almost complete.

But as my head and heart begin to ache for cold nights and bright crisp days, I have been thinking about my Fall things to do list, anxiously awaiting the bright colors of October and clean air that follows.

I want to make apple butter.

Carve pumpkins I grew.

Go on hikes.

Sit and listen to the leaves in transition.

I want to drink cider that was made locally, and eat crusty whole wheat bread that my favorite farm to table restaurant makes.

I want to keep my windows open at night so fleece is required the minute I get out of bed.

I want to take my friends on a picnic and sit on old quilts enjoying cheese, and fruit, soft and bitter.

I want to go to a festival or two and hear bluegrass, tap my toes, close my eyes to hear more.

This fall I want to make butternut squash soup, and take walks, ride my bike to Floyd on the Parkway.

This fall I want to be still. Quiet. Let the world’s rhythm do the talking and keep my mouth closed, for once.

Perhaps I will get to visit our local dog park and sip coffee to stay warm while Gracie and Atticus romp about.

Perhaps we will find the perfect camp site and build a fire, boil water, make tea, tell stories.

All things are possible this Fall. With a new Season, everything is new and brilliant, bright and unexpected.

Don’t miss out because you are too busy.

Too focused.

Too hurried.

Let’s plan to enjoy the blessings of the Season together. And I would love to hear about your plans, hopes and expectations for Fall.

Places to Go, Things to See: