5 Reasons We Love the Z1 Mobile CPAP Sleep Machine

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According to the National Sleep Foundation more than 18 million American adults suffer from sleep apnea. If you’re one of the 18 million you know all to well how this disease can hinder a good nights sleep, not to mention limit your time in the outdoors. Now, thanks to a new product from Human Design Medical,  there is help for people who struggle with apnea but like to spend time on the road, either camping outdoors or sleeping in an adventure vehicle.

Here are 5 reasons we love the z1 mobile CPAP machine from HDM.


It’s portable!

From the Appalachian Trail to car camping in the Great Smoky Mountains, we took the z1 everywhere, and it never failed us. We highly recommend the using the z1 powershell in conjunction with the actual cpap machine, as it allowed us to get as far off the grid as any thru-hike or car camping excursion required.


It fits great in a hammock. 

One of our favorite ways to spend a night in the great outdoors is curled up in a hammock, and the z1 fits perfectly in the small patch that most hammocks come equipped with. Whether you’re hunkered down in your favorite wilderness area or just napping in the backyard, the z1 and a hammock make the perfect pair.


Perfect for Backpacking.

As we mentioned above, the portable z1 makes backpacking and thru-hiking a totally viable option for those suffering from sleep apnea, but these trips will require use of the above mention z1 powershell. When testing the z1 powershell we were happy to find that it reliably holds a charge for 7-8 hours. For multi day trips, consider taking multiple z1 powershells or utilize some type of back county solar charger such as the EnerPlex, Kickr  IV ($130) during your daily activities to keep the powershell primed and ready to nighttime use.

Freedom, Freedom, and more Freedom. 

Before the z1 mobile CPAP machine came along sleep apnea sufferers who love the outdoors were largely relegated to daytime activities, but this revolutionary device allows them to take off for days on end. If you were thinking about taking up a mobile, adventure-based lifestyle but worried about your ability to sleep without a cpap, the Z1 will be an absolute game changer. It’s also great for those who travel frequently. Even with amenities and regular access to electricity to Z1 cpap wins out over traditional cpaps because it’s much easier to transport, and with the new NiteLog mobile app you can monitor the quality of your sleep through the z1 with your iPhone or Android device.

It’s lightweight.

As anyone who has ever logged miles on a multi-day backpacking trip knows, keeping your pack weight low is crucial, and at a weight of just 10 ounces, the Z1 will help you shave pounds off your load while still allowing for a refreshing and re-energizing night’s sleep.

Learn more about the z1 mobile sleep cpap here.



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