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Say What?

I hope you ate a good breakfast.

I’ve heard a lot of interesting comments by runners at various races that have stuck with me over the years, most of them are quite humorous. Everybody has a unique personality and sometimes these individuals (some will remain anonymous) really shine especially on the big stage (race day). Here are just a few of my favorites:

“Extending my lead!” – Running coach and ultra badass Howard Nippert when asked by the local media after winning his 2nd JFK 50 mile what he thinks about while running for so long.

“Here on the East coast rocks don’t move.” – While anxiously standing at the start line of the JFK 50 miler I heard one East coast ultra runner say this to another West coast ultra runner. He was wearing gaiters for the race.

“Well I’m here to rip some face” – Two-time Shut In Ridge Trail race champion, Bryan Dayton after hearing the plethora of sand bagging from his competition at the start line of Shut In. After his statement, the stunned silence was awesome. Bryan went on to back up these words as I laughed about it for way too long.

“I have to race at least 100 miles to reward myself with something like that!” – After we had just completed a 50 mile race, Anne was telling one of her competitors that we were heading to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard treat to celebrate. This was her response.

“If a suppository company wanted to sponsor you, would you oblige?” – Another classic quote from Howard Nippert. He asked me this question during a training run together. I was telling him who my current sponsors were at the time. He was not impressed.

“Ultrarunning: Most Sports Require Only One Ball” – Team inov-8 runner, Amy Lane’s trophy inscription after winning the overall title in a 50k race in New England. Rule #1: never assume a guy is going to win an ultra race.

“I hope you ate a good breakfast.” – Overheard one elite male ultrarunner say this to another just before the start of an ultra race.

“Downhill trail running 101” – Ultra running legend, Tom Possert said this to me as he pulled away on the final steep and rocky descent of the Rattlesnake 50k in WV in 2003. Three years later I was back chasing the eventual winner once again and did a flip onto my back running down this same hill. I guess I had failed Tom’s class again.

“Yep, her horse won!” – This is what I started telling people at the Houston Airport while lugging a 60 lb trophy with a big stallion on it. Anne had won the Sunmart 50 mile earlier that day. I got more tired trying to explain she had just run 50 miles.

“Quick just yank my arm back down as hard as you can!” –  The day I literally “fell” in love with my wife after she jerked my dislocated shoulder back into place. We were training together several years ago for the Mt. Mitchell Challenge on an icy section.

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