Scientists are organizing a march on Washington D.C. following the historic women’s march on January 21st that took place in cities around the world. “This will be a starting point to take a stand for science in politics,”  say the organizers on their site.

The idea of such a rally was first suggested on the website Reddit by a user, saying “There needs to be a scientists’ march on Washington.” The comment rapidly snowballed into a movement. A Facebook group for the scientists’ march grew to 350,000 within 24 hours.

An official date will be announced soon. “Scientists worldwide have been alarmed by the clear anti-science actions taken by the Trump administration,” said one of the organizers in an email. “It has been less than a week, and there have already been funding freezes and efforts to restrict scientists from communicating their findings from tax-funded research with the public. These actions cannot be allowed to stand as policy.”

Organizers say that the march is a non-partisan protest that addresses issues related to government funding for scientists, government transparency, and climate change.

Non-scientists are also invited to join the march. You can learn more about the march and the movement here.