Smartwool donates 5,000 pairs of compression socks to healthcare workers

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Smartwool donates 5,000 pairs of compression socks to healthcare workers

Sock and apparel company Smartwool has donated 5,000 pairs of compression socks to healthcare workers throughout 55 hospitals across 22 states, the company said in a press release. Compression socks improve blood circulation and can lessen pain and swelling in the legs. Additionally, the brand will donate a pair of lifestyle socks for every pair they sell on, up to 10,000 pairs. These socks will go to healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York, New Orleans, Seattle and Los Angeles. 

“We can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like on the front lines of this,” said Jen McLaren, president of Smartwool. “Our healthcare heroes are working around the clock to administer care and help keep us safe. At the very least, we can help keep them comfortable as they are on their feet for hours on end.”

Need backpacking gear? Walmart is launching its own line of technical outdoor equipment

Retail giant Walmart has announced it is launching two private labels, in collaboration with Moosejaw (which it purchased in 2018), to sell high-quality, affordable outdoor equipment and technical outdoor apparel. The new lines are called Lithic and Allforth, and include products such as lightweight backpacking stoves, synthetic and down sleeping bags, and tents—all for an affordable price tag. The brands will also sell outdoor apparel, in sizes up to women’s 20 and men’s XXL. 

“These brands give us entry-level products to talk to people who are new to [backpacking] activities,” Moosejaw CEO Eoin Comerford told Backpacker Magazine. “It’s built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts from a performance perspective, and the though process around how we’re pricing is built around accessibility and inclusivity.” 

New York man launches toilet paper hiking challenge

David Kelley of Saratoga Springs, NY, wanted to add a little humor to the sold-out toilet paper conundrum he kept encountering at stores. So, he created the toilet paper trio hike, encouraging the community to go on three hikes with a roll of toilet paper. “Every time I went down that aisle, I couldn’t find toilet paper and it was what everyone was talking about,” Kelley told Saratoga Today. “I think everyone needs a little bit of fun and a smile right now and when I went out and did it the first few times, I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Participants can register for the challenge for $20 and 50% of the proceeds are donated to NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund. Those that complete the challenge will receive a patch and a sticker. Hikers are encouraged to share their photos on social media with #ToiletPaperTrio and #HikeLocalHikeSolo. 

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