Second stop – Leesville Lake
Located below the Smith Mountain Lake dam is Leesville Lake, access to the lake is about 30 minutes away, the lake is much narrower and is less crowded than Smith Mountain Lake, the lake is fairly calm, the water was slightly cloudy and was down (they pump water at night from the lake to SML and then release the water back into the lake during the day to generate electricity) The water was 68 degrees. The lake is less populated than Smith Mountain Lake and offers more opportunities to view wildlife, I noticed a couple fisherman during my visit to the lake and very little other boat traffic. Most of the lake is somewhat remote. The water level at the lake can go up & down 1’ – 10’ per day. 

Leesville Lake Area Information:

Launch site: Two Virginia Dept of Game & Island Fisheries Ramp, Leesville Dam & Myer’s Creek, free
Paddleboard rental nearby or Bring Your Own Board: Bring your own board
Nearby lodging: in nearby Altavista, motels
Dining options: in nearby Altavista or Union Hall.
Other nearby area activities: Fishing