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SUP the Potomac

SUP the Potomac

If you haven’t been living in a cave or a pineapple under the sea this summer, you have surely heard of the newest outdoor craze sweeping the outdoor nation: standup paddleboarding, affectionately known as SUP. As with most nation sweeping crazes, this one has wide appeal to everyone from new-agers to grandma to adrenaline junkies. What was once a pleasant way to paddle around a pond has become a platform for a diverse set of activities including yoga, surfing, whitewater, and endurance training. The combination of water, bathing suits, and a full body workout have made SUP the sexiest water sport since the wet t-shirt contest. But don’t be intimidated, the inner beauty of this sport is its accessibility. Even the most inexperienced paddler can scoot around on flat water with ease. With summer officially coming to an end this week, now is the time to give it a try. Hurricane Isaac will keep warm and humid weather in town for a few more days, so get on this trend now and next summer you’ll be ahead of the curve.

If George Washington crossed the Potomac in this day and age, I’m sure he would SUP it because if we know one thing about our first President, he was always on top of what was new and cool, i.e. democracy. There is no better way to explore our nation’s capital than by SUP. Check out Paddle DC or Potomac Paddlesports for river, rental and lesson information.

BONUS: Be sure to check out the Nation’s Triathlon while you’re in town

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