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I am exhausted just thinking about the average young Mom’s day. Wake. Work. Eat. Out the door. Daycare. School. Home. Eat. Clean. Engage. Educate. Sleep. Repeat.

And it appears that most of my friends are not just average young moms. They are super moms.

Working full time, part time, two jobs, reading food labels, planning activities, talking to their kids, reading, making plans for surgeries, trips, daily giving giving giving until by the end of the day, there is nothing left. empty. out.

And I wonder how long this can be sustained? Until someone gets sick? Loses a job? Quits a job? Screams at a spouse words that are hard to take back? Or worse?

And I am convinced (although I really do know nothing about this subject because I don’t have kids) there has to be a way to build up mommy while building up baby. And I am pretty sure that way is OUTSIDE. Walks. Rides. Runs. Pushing, strolling into clean crisp winter air. Seeing stars or early moons rising. Watching breath as it leaves your mouth and meets the air forming silver clouds.

Playing on playgrounds. Running. Stretching. 

I watch moms with jog strollers and want to cheer them on screaming – WELL DONE!

I see parents walking little ones for miles and miles and want to applaud.

Nature really is a gift for all of us. One that makes me (and therefore I assume, perhaps incorrectly you) a better, happier and more whole person. Hiking, sitting, climbing, doesn’t matter. As long as we are outside we are being fed by sunlight and rain and fresh air. Inside of small, unclean and cluttered rooms with artificial light and manufactured air, we lose ourselves. Maybe just a bit every day, but nothing is gained. Little is given to nourish.  

So for those of us in the Mid-Atlantic states who have had such a mild winter – lets enjoy it. Lets meet our friends at parks and go for walks. Take the dogs. Stretch your legs and your lungs and go. Maybe even a February hike. Or a long walk on a saturday that takes an hour or more. Lets go. do. be outside. And for my supermom friends who have given all they have and stretched themselves to the limit. I am proud of you. But I also worry. And want you to have something that fills you up as well. Like air and sky and rain and sunshine. Call me and I will meet you at the park to play. Or walk or stroll. or simply sit, OUTSIDE.  

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