Thanks You Moms…

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Honoring the life of her deceased Mother, Anna Jarvis began the formal celebration of Mother’s Day at her Methodist Church in 1908 in West Virginia.

A pacifist, her Mother had worked to promote peace and unity after the Civil War by attempting to unite Mother’s in a common cause. The end of war.

Although it has changed significantly,  I think the origin of this Hallmark Holiday is important to consider.




Giving Thanks.

But shouldn’t we focus on these things every day?

I am in a running group to train for a 10k. Yesterday, we ran 6 miles – for many of us, the longest distance we have ever run. We encouraged one another, were considerate, and uplifting. GREAT JOB GAIL. Well done Tracy. It made the hour easier, and more enjoyable.

I watched a 19 month old yesterday try to leash my unruly 80 lb lab and attempt to take her for a walk. The dog, Gracie, smiled, wagged her tail and licked her new friend in thanks for the gesture.

The Blue Ridge Marathon was in town a few weekends ago and I witnessed intense distance runners encourage and cheer on those 1/2 marathon participants who could barely take another step.

I met a neighbor yesterday – finally, after living here for three years we introduced ourselves and shared kindnesses. It was an uplifting conversation.

A holiday that honors the servant? Peace. Unity and asks us to give thanks?

I can do that.

And so I give thanks to my friends who are young mothers, trying to find a balance between the care of their children, and the care of themselves.. And I honor and give thanks to Mothers whose children have grown and left…I know your work is never done.

And even to those of us who don’t have kids – I give thanks, for small gestures of friendship and kindness.

Too bad the values of the original Mother’s Day are no longer important to us. Like Peace, and Unity and Service. Oh wait, maybe nothing has changed since that first Sunday in May 1908.

Blessings to you all.



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