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June 18, 2010

Dear Bike,

We pulled the baby to Grandma’s house today before starting work. She needed the car seat, so I strapped it to the roof of the trailer. It was heavy. I didn’t think I’d get much of a workout since she lives just a few miles away, but I was not taking into consideration the hills between us.

Wyatt is such a sweetheart back there when I’m sucking wind on the climbs: “You can do it mama!” and “You did it!” It really makes me laugh.

However, the last climb before the house nearly sent me into V-tack, despite his cheers of encouragement.

Thank you for giving me a strong start to a strong day.

Forever in your debt,


June 19, 2010

Dear Bike,

You were all ready for me, first thing this morning. I slipped out of bed at 6 a.m. to enjoy a cup of java before strapping you to the rack on my truck. By 7:30 we were gliding across the damp forest floor, dodging rhododendron and inching our way up steep and narrow trails while I cussed between breaths. I no longer cuss at you in these situations. It’s not your fault. And I swear I’ve learned to stop throwing bikes. Do you know what they do in prison to people who throw their bikes?

With loving respect,


June 20, 2010

Dear Bike,

I spurned you for my motorcycle.

I remain in love with you,


June 21, 2010

Dear Bike,

I rode you to town today. I love motoring past traffic and practicing track stands at the stoplights. I’ve learned to cheat by turning my wheel into the curb. Driving=Stressful.  Riding=Fun. There are so many tourists in this town right now that it is emotionally impossible for me to go by car. It is also absolutely unnecessary. I was a little sweaty when I got to class, but I started by having everyone lie down and breathe deeply until I was ready. The ride home was delightful. I cut through the new park in front of city hall and rode down the stops.

Lots of love,


June 22, 2010

Dear Bike,

I did not ride you today. I stared longingly at the bikes on the rack at the YMCA where I started my day. I had both kids in town, and I just haven’t gotten brave enough to attach the baby’s stroller to the back of the trail-a-bike to tow them both. I’m just not that badass. However, I’ve seen people who are.

I didn’t even bring the kids’ bikes when we went to Bent Creek to play in the lake. I brought the stroller. I am so NOT a stroller mom. They make me angry. They get stuck on everything and are forever running into people’s heels. Maybe I’m a bad driver. I agree that I’m always in a hurry and find that people in cars are also too slow and in the way. Besides, you can’t really get through a crowd with a stroller. As long as the baby is attached to me, I can bob and weave through anything.

Anyway, my buddy and I took turns running loops around the wooded lake for our exercise today I wore my Vibrams for the first time on the trail. Let me tell you something: those things are not for fire road running. At least not on these tender feet.

These five-toed shoes fit like gloves with a light rubber sole that tip over the toes in the event of light stubbing. Yes, I agree, there is no such thing as “light stubbing.”

On the trail they are fabulous, but my feet are too sensitive to be repeatedly stomping down onto sharp stones in essentially bare feet. Ouch. Maybe they will toughen up over time. I’ll have to keep trying. They are supposed to help strengthen ankles and feet, which was my goal. I changed into running shoes partway through the run and rolled my ankle around mile two.

Missing you,


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