The Bike Code

Jojo the pet dog is now fit for the mountain bike trail

Control your bicycle. If you can’t stop to greet the other trail users, you’re far too cool of a punk and deserve a spanking. SORBA goes on to say, “Good balance and proper braking are essential mountain biking skills.”

Always yield the trail: slow down, establish communication with the people you meet, and pass safely. Flinging sweat on them as you scream past bouncing high-speed rocks against their shins is definitely a form of communication, but not the most polite one we’re looking for…

Never scare animals. It doesn’t matter if it’s a horse, fox, cow, deer, elk or mountain lion. Are you kidding me?! Just who’s house do you think you’re in, anyway? Remember that people and animals who are scared do not offer stellar behavior.

Leave no trace. That means, no skid marks, no flung dirt, no gel wrappers, no deep tire marks, no banana peels and apple cores. DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS.

Plan ahead.  Treat your hydration pack like your lifeline. Not only should you always have a spare tube and pump, but you should have a rain jacket, which is also a great wind barrier should you end up spending the night, antihistamines for stings, solid food, a set of Allen wrenches, a navigational tool, and a whistle.

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