THE DIRT is a weekly look at some of the most pressing outdoor news issues from around the Blue Ridge and Beyond.

Smoky Mountain Bear Attack Victim Speaks

Young Man Dies After Fall From Crabtree Falls

A young man is dead after falling 80-feet from the brink of Crab Tree Falls in Nelson County, Virginia. Authorities say 20-year-old Franklin Guevara slipped and fell after venturing off the established trail. Read more here.

Asheville Breweries Throw Support Behind Greenways

Asheville Brewers stand to gain a lot from French Broad Riverfront greenway development, and they’re throwing the full weight of their support behind greenway proposals. Breweries such as Highland BrewingOskar Blues and New Belgium have all organized events designed to raise funds and awareness about river front development project. Read on.

Beyond the Blue Ridge

Subaru to Help National Park System Reduce Waste

Every year the National Park Service generates over 100 million pounds of waste, and that doesn’t include the refuse produced by the many hotel and restaurant concessioners that operate within the parks. Now Subaru has partnered up with NPS to help bring the numbers down. Read on.