Albert Einstein allegedly said (according to the interwebs), “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I was not looking for the secret to life when I read those words. I don’t generally think life or its purpose can be summed up in an idea, or belief of right thinking easily scribed on to a single line of notebook paper or the wall of a bathroom stall. I think the secret of life is bigger. I think the secret of life for me, moi, at this moment, is a perfectly ripe home grown tomato picked off the vine, sliced, salted, slathered in Hellman’s mayo and placed on a piece of wheat toast.

I believe angry people everywhere would lower their fists and unclench their jaws if they could understand the joy of this one month every summer, and the back yard bounty that exists when a green vine grows toward the sky producing fleshy, watery fruit.

I inhale. I say a prayer of thanks. I prepare my mind and every time, my heart and soul are filled. Delicious.

Tomorrow, my joy, my secret may be something else. It might be a view as a drive home from a long day away from the office. Perhaps my moment will come when my yellow dog gracie lets me hug and kiss her fuzzy face. Maybe for you, food, views and pets will never provide this moment of true joy, a glimpse into the meaning of life. Maybe it will be when you least expect it,  holding your grandfather’s hand or watching a friend’s son play t-ball. Maybe that one singular thing that makes life pure, wonderful, abundant,  is the feeling of salt water covering your shoulders. Perhaps the happiest thought in your mind is the anticipation of seeing old friends.

The secret of life is actually pretty simple, I think. It is seeing the beauty, the perfection and joy in small things and taking time to be grateful.





I am not saying you need to plant a garden next year (although I highly recommend it). I am saying that you owe it to yourself to figure out what makes you so excited about life, this minute… and then go do it. Rip it off the wine and dig in right away.

Places to Go, Things to See: