Go OutsideTop 5 Bands to Add to Your Playlist This Summer

Top 5 Bands to Add to Your Playlist This Summer

There’s nothing more serene than nature’s orchestra serenading your open ears, or a gnarly playlist with some of your favorite Blue Ridge Bands. If you’re looking for some folksy tunes to start your summer adventure or hearty lyrics to elevate the mood as you drive to the local crag, check out these artist groups. 

Chatham County Line

All hail this bluegrass clan from Raleigh, North Carolina. With heartfelt twangy vocals and a mean harmonica, CCL will add that bit of blue grass flair to your summer tunes. While many of their songs are worth listening to, “Wildwood”, will surely soothe your soul. Thank you Dave Wilson, John Teer, and Greg Readling for your blessed ballads. 

Town Meeting

Folk music that is the smell of home and southern familiarity wrapped up in song. It’s as if Old Crow Medicine Show was reborn and filled the hearts of these artists, with their own unique style of music of course. Their new album, “Making Things Better”, boasts some of the most idyllic adventure tunes Town Meeting has to offer. These New England boys sure know how to usher in summer.

Drive By Truckers

If “The Eagles” were a Southern rock band, they’d be a close cousin to “Drive By Truckers”. Their songs have a special way of floating you on down that country road, watching the sun slip from the horizon. Maybe you’re gathered around the campfire and you need some lyrics to bring the group together, Drive by Truckers has got you covered. Just be sure to take a listen to “Gravity’s Gone”.

Trout Steak Revival

Though you may have never had the pleasure of tasting a trout steak, the band, “Trout Steak Revival ”, is infinitely better. From Telluride to PBS, this musically expansive band sings to Indie, Americana, and Colorado Bluegrass genres with their fantastical harmonies. With a little bit of banjo and classic guitar, you can expect a catchy, foot tapping rhythm that will kick off your wildest outdoor adventure. 

Yonder Mountain String Band 

Don’t underestimate the power and rhythm of a well developed string band like Yonder Mountain. With original compositions and takes on some of pop culture’s more iconic hits like, “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest, Yonder Mountain’s musical capabilities are nothing short of impressive. Since birth in Colorado, this band’s music has been making it’s way all through the Blue Ridge, with a new album releasing in late 2021. 

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