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Top Five Festival Adventures

Trail Days
1. Mud wrestle at GAULEY FEST

American Whitewater’s Gauley Fest, the largest river festival in the world, has become known for its debauchery. Portable stripper poles, boxing matches, and the infamous mud wrestling competitions highlight the three-day festival. Grappling with other boaters in a pit of mud has become a right of passage here in the Southeast. americanwhitewater.org

2. Join the all-night drum circle at LEAF
The Lake Eden Arts Festival in Black Mountain, N.C. is a family-friendly music and arts celebration on idyllic Camp Rockmont. But in the wee hours of night, a raucous drum circle around a bonfire forms in the woods not far from camp. Because what’s a family arts festival without a little hedonism? theleaf.com

3. Go muddin’ at the SUMMER REDNECK GAMES
Every July, thousands of people converge on East Dublin, Ga. to celebrate all things “redneck.” They hurl hubcaps, bob for pig’s feet, play “Dixie” with various body parts, and jump into a giant mud hole. Belly flops are appreciated by the spectators. summerredneckgames.com

4. Get wet at TRAIL DAYS
The trail community comes out to Damascus, Va. to support the A.T. and its thru-hikers during Trail Days. During the “Hiker Parade,” as thru-hikers, local celebrities, and beauty queens march down Main Street, the whole town erupts in a massive water gun fight. It’s a free-for-all, no-holds-barred water war. traildays.us

The Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain is the South’s largest gathering of Scottish clans and a massive display of Highland athleticism. Throwing a 22-pound hammer for distance was at one time a vital test of one’s strength. During this weekend, it still is. Sign up early for the Amateur “Heavy Athletics” competition and you too can throw hammers and a variety of other objects. gmhg.org

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