Go OutsideTrailer Tuesday: Deep Powder

Trailer Tuesday: Deep Powder

Today’s trailer is for a feature film called Deep Powder, set in the early 80’s. The trailer starts off with the age old tale of well-off, good looking girl falling for the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, or in this case the wrong side of the ski lift. Obviously, this story has been played to death and we can see the ending coming a mile away. But then the trailer takes a sharp right turn into the land of double entendre at the :45 mark, when cocaine comes onto the scene. Like I said, set in the early 80’s.

It seems our two heroes head for the greener pastures of financial independence via a backpacking/ski trip down to South America to bring back drugs. The trailer’s information section reveals a little more of the backstory:

“Privileged and reckless boarding school senior Natasha Tabor (Haley Bennett) is tapped by her secret society to make its annual drug run to Ecuador. She in turn chooses a working-class local boy (Shiloh Fernandez) as her partner in crime, launching a journey with devastating outcomes for everyone involved. Inspired by true events from the early ’80s, Deep Powder is an intense and sexy drama that speaks to the character that is revealed when you find yourself trapped.”

From there it’s jump cuts between danger and ecstasy with some drug dogs, scooter shots, DEA agents, and machetes thrown in for good measure. Will they get away with it? Will they stay together? Will they shred deep powder? Will the secret society be revealed?

Guess we’ll have to see the movie to find out, but since it’s based on true events you can probably just Google it.


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