Go OutsideTransvestite Frogs

Transvestite Frogs

You think polar bear habitat loss is troubling? How about waking up to a world full of transvestite frogs? People often overlook frogs as an animal group worthy of protection, but they’re in desperate need of consideration. Climate change, habitat loss, and pollution (especially pesticides) are weakening frogs’ immune systems and even turning some male frogs into females. In fact, frogs are the most threatened group of animals on earth. One third of all amphibians are facing extinction, and 200 species have completely disappeared since 1980. It’s a staggering statistic considering amphibians usually go extinct by the rate of one species per 250 years.

Scientists and environmentalists are particularly concerned because frogs are key bioindicators. Their permeable skin easily absorbs toxins, making them accurate and early indicators of environmental stress. And did I mention some dude frogs are turning into chicks? Save the Frogs.

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