Go OutsideTransylvania Epic Recap

Transylvania Epic Recap

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Ouch. I am so lucky that it’s not broken, but it’s a pretty painful tendon issue. Stage 7 was the last day and I was really glad that there was an agreement in the women’s field to have a parade race meaning we all just ride together. Unfortunately, my leg was hurting so bad that I couldn’t keep up and I was having to pedal with one leg because I couldn’t push down with my right, injured leg. After my left leg got tired, I was having to walk hills and was gritting my teeth and groaning on every bump. Crossing the final finish line of the race wasn’t as joyful as it should have been because of the pain, but I felt excited after a few hours!

Here is a video from Colt at Cycling Dirt upon finishing. Screen shot 2011-06-15 at 7.25.36 PM Click image for video

I had a fantastic time at the race and highly recommend it! I hope I can come back next year. It was a great tour of the trails around the area with some really amazing people. Thanks to all!

And now, moving on…!

Places to Go, Things to See:

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