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Trauma Tuesday: Cliff Jumping Edition

Don’t worry, this video is relatively tame – mostly belly-flops and awkward takeoffs as oppose to the sand faceplants, deck slams, and rope snags you may be used to in your YouTube videos. But here’s the thing about jumping off a cliff into a swimming hole, it still hurts. Heck, even when you do it right, it still hurts. I have a younger brother who has blown out his eardrum and given himself a concussion jumping from heights into water, and that was two different instances. Like any launch situation, a lot can happen from the takeoff to the landing, and there is not much you can do about it. You can squirm in the air, shout “Oh, no,” twist so you land flat on your back instead of flat on your face, but cliff jumping poorly will always be painful. Obviously, that first step into thin air is the key to success or failure – epic failure in some cases.

Enjoy this video, but take it as a warning for the rest of the summer: let someone else go first.

One another note: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

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