Go OutsideTrauma Tuesday: Longboarding Fails Edition

Trauma Tuesday: Longboarding Fails Edition

In honor of us anticipating stepping on a Freebord for the first time, here are some longboarding fails for your Trauma Tuesday.

Is there anything more terrifying than going really, really fast on a longboard? If you have not had the pleasure, let me assure you it is. Just stepping onto a longboard on flat ground is enough to send shivers down the spine, for one reason: they are built for speed and there is no control. The longboard is the toboggan of concrete, the land rocket of asphalt, the derailed train headed right for the side of a mountain. One high speed wobble and you are picking your teeth out of gravel, getting a skin graft, or looking at your own bones poking through the skin. The results are stunningly blunt, and the consequence severe.

As this video can attest, the worst part is you don’t even have to be going fast for things to go horribly wrong. My personal favorite is the robust gentleman at :53 who appears to be maching down a busy street with cars coming the other way as he gets a little cattywompass, narrowly misses an oncoming car, starts a long, hilarious groan as he anticipates his own demise, and then tries to run out the crash going 45 mph. At least he made it to the relative safety of the grass before going ass over teakettle.

Wear a helmet.

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