Go OutsideUltimate 100 Challenge #87: Speed Waterfalling

Ultimate 100 Challenge #87: Speed Waterfalling

Two BRO readers and longtime outdoor enthusiasts from Western North Carolina teamed up to complete  #87 of BRO’s Ultimate 100 Challenge….and they added a surprising and speedy twist.

FootRx Asheville co-owner Scott Socha and MotionMap’s founder/waterfall tour guide Lydia Odell inaugurated Speed Waterfalling. The duo reached 23 waterfalls in a single day—all in Transylvania County.  The challenge included stops in Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests, Gorges State Park, DuPont State Recreational Forest and a few private properties. From each parking area, Socha and Odell ran/hiked together while navigating trails, tough terrain, streams, rivers and rocks to bag waterfalls one by one.  The two kept record of each waterfall viewed, time viewed and mileage. Total hiking/running mileage for the day was 11.5 miles.

Socha and Odell had discussed this idea for at least a year and were ready to set the bar for other outdoor/waterfall enthusiasts who want a new, interesting and different challenge.

Overall the day was fantastic. To be able to spend the day enjoying what Transylvania County and surrounding areas have to offer is something everyone should take part in whenever possible.

Socha and Odell were prepared with a full tank of gas, cooler of food, plenty of water, first-aid kit, maps, footrx apparel, extra running shoes, wool socks, rain gear and a little cash for a 5:00 pm pint of Dale’s Pale Ale at Oskar’s Blues Brewery in Pisgah Forest.

Here is a list of falls they visited:

Twin Falls

Middle Falls

Slippery Witch

Connestee Falls

Whitewater Falls

Triple Falls

John’s Jump

High Falls

D.E.W. Falls

Hooker Falls

Rainbow Falls

Long Shoals

Looking Glass Falls

Turtleback Falls

Shower Falls

Slick Rock Falls

Raven Rocks Falls

Daniel Ridge Falls

French Broad Falls

Bird Rock Falls

Eastatoe Falls

Batson Falls

Upper Batson Falls

Want to find out more? Contact Lydia Odell to learn more about logistics and planning for the Speed Waterfall adventure.


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