Video Shows Cyclist Being Punched by Motorist in Asheville

A cyclist in Asheville, North Carolina was assaulted by a driver shortly after noon on Wednesday, September 27.

Claude Donald Watson was later arrested.

The video, shot from the cab of a commercial vehicle that was situated behind the cyclist when the event took place, shows the motorist exiting a Dodge Ram pickup before approaching the cyclist and punching him in the face multiple times.

According to a local bicycle advocacy organization called Asheville on the Bikes, the driver, later identified as Claude Donald Watson, had been tailgating and driving recklessly around the biker before the incident occurred.

“The only words spoken occurred after the punches were thrown, when the driver said, ‘Get off the fucking road,'” Asheville on Bikes wrote on its website Tuesday.

After assaulting the cyclist, the driver reportedly left the scene, but he was later apprehended by the Asheville Police Department and charged with simple assault and reckless driving.

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