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Trek_BlackAmericans don’t work enough. Sure, the eight-hour work day has now been replaced by a 10-hour version, and our corporate culture has all but abandoned the notion of a vacation, but we still feel the need to take inopportune breaks in our work day. Laptops have solved the “bathroom break” problem (now you can send emails while you poo!) and web-enabled cell phones allow us to stay connected to the office while we attend inconvenient life events like weddings and funerals.  But a few of us still feel the need to leave the office in order to exercise. These exercise breaks are easy to justify: It’s our health, after all, and a healthy worker is a productive worker. So we take that hour a day to hit the trails or gym while our emails, spreadsheets, and deadlines are put on hold, and consequently, America’s GDP heads south.

Enter the TrekDesk, a work station that fits over your treadmill (treadmill sold separately) that allows you to walk while you work. That’s right, now you don’t have to stop working in order to exercise! Burn calories and crunch the quarterly numbers at the same time!

This is exactly what Americans needed. We weren’t feeling enough like hamsters inside our cubicles, so now we have this really convenient exercise wheel. Feel free to place your own block of cheese at the edge of the TrekDesk for further motivation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been running and thought, “man, I wish I could strap my desk to my waist so I could send emails and stay connected to middle management while I logged my daily miles.” 

Thanks TrekDesk!  

Rumor has it that the company behind TrekDesk is now working on the SexDesk, a work station that attaches to your bed allowing couples to multi-task during their special “alone time.”  Because 20 minutes away from the office, is 20 minutes wasted.

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