North Carolina is home to dozens of state parks, and like the National Park Service, the state is now recognizing 100 years since its first park unit was set aside for the benefit and enjoyment of the people. That fist park was the Blue Ridge’s very own Mount Mitchell State Park. Once formed it became the first state park in the Southeastern U.S. and one of the first in the nation.

At 6,683 feet, Mountain Mitchell is the highest point in the entire Appalachian chain. From that soaring summit to the wind blown landscape of the Outer Banks, the state of North Carolina is true geographical gem, its natural wonders beckoning visitors from all over the world.

The mountains of this state boast world class fly fishing, unrivaled mountain biking trails, and a vibrant climbing scene, while the coast attracts paddlers, salt water fishermen and surfers alike.

If you’re lucky enough to call North Carolina home, live within a few hours drive of its mountains or beaches or are just curious about what the Tar Heel State has to offer, take a moment to appreciate this brief video tribute produced by the folks at North Carolina State Parks.

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