Go OutsideWeekend Getaway in Hot Springs

Weekend Getaway in Hot Springs

This week is a biggie for males; it’s make or break time. Not only is today the ticking time bomb of Valentines Day, but this weekend is President’s Day, a three day minefield of disappointment, miscommunication, and “Saying we won’t get each other anything doesn’t actually mean don’t get me a gift!” confrontations. I’m joking of course; this is a weekend to look forward to for the romance and splendor of being in the presence of the ones you love. Luckily for males, we can spend the rest of the year being Neanderthals as long as we step up around Valentines Day and make the grand gesture all women deserve. V-Day is a double edge sword though. It’s great if you pull it off, it’s curtains if you don’t so the pressure is on.

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of whatever metropolitan area you are in and embrace the natural beauty of nature. A trek through the woods with your sweetheart can be just as romantic as a night at a fancy French restaurant. We suggest heading to what our voters picked as the Best Small Mountain Town in the Blue Ridge, Hot Springs, N.C.

This little hamlet bubbles with romance and love – literally, the hot springs feed the Jacuzzis at the resort. Take a hike on the Appalachian Trail or a winter picnic to Max Patch before an amorous soak in the springs: the perfect romantic weekend getaway in one of our favorite towns.

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