Vintage is no longer reserved for hipsters in skinny jeans. Outdoor gear is going retro. Here’s a look at some old school style that doesn’t compromise performance.

Five Ten Five Tennie
If you’ve always wanted to grow a porn mustache, try accenting it with this sticky approach shoe disguised as an old school street sneaker. You can make an easy transition from the road to the rock thanks to the lightweight materials and low-profile toe that’s made to climb. And if the stache comes in, you can be the creepiest dude at the crag.

Patagonia Slingshot
The puffy jacket is a tried and true staple in the chilly seasons. The Patagonia Slingshot gives performance down a throwback Western look. The style may be a nod to the past, but the technical features are right with the times: a durable wind-shielding shell with a softly brushed inner lining and cushy 600-fill goose down for extra warmth.

Jansport D2

Just when you thought external frames were headed to the pack graveyard for good, Jansport decides to bring them back from the dead. The D2 is a throwback to the company’s first big-capacity bag from the early ‘70s. When Jansport says this pack, released early next year, “can comfortably hold everything and the kitchen sink,” they aren’t kidding. With 5,200 cubic inches of storage, the D2 could hold what you need in the backcountry for a month, but at just under six pounds it’s not too much heavier than the average internal-frame bag. It also features neatly designed compartments, so your gear doesn’t turn into a disorganized mess.

Kelty Cycle Hiker
When did daypacks get so complicated? With Kelty’s new Vintage line they are bringing bags back to simpler times. The Cycle Hiker looks to the 1960s with rugged Cordura construction, exposed metal zippers, and easily adjustable padded shoulder straps. While two easy-to-reach compartments hold a combined 1,100 cubic inches of space, the one nod to modernity is an internal organizer with laptop storage.