What is Overlanding?

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Lots of folks in the outdoor industry world seem to be talking about overlanding these days, but what exactly is this emerging form of outdoor recreation?

Overlanding is a way to describe exploring by your own self-contained means, usually by vehicle (often with four-wheel-drive capability) or adventure motorcycle. It’s long been a traditional way to describe safaris in Africa or exploring in Australia. Brits head “overland” to Africa and Asia and across the Continent.

The term is used to differentiate the activity from other four-wheel-drive activities such as rock-crawling or rallying. For overlanders, the journey is as important as the destination or the activities particpants do when they get to our destination, whether that be hiking, nature watching, kayaking, or mountain biking. downloadWhen it comes to camping, overlanders enjoy innovations such as roof-top tents, 12-volt fridges, and high-quality awnings, as well as ground tents, kitchen kits, and equipment like compressors, winches, and other recovery gear.

The Overland Expo is a unique event designed to introduce consumers to all the innovative equipment for camping and vehicles, and to introduce travel enthusiasts to the pleasures of exploring the world by your own self-contained means, whether it’s an old van or a new Land Cruiser or Sportsmobile or BMW motorcycle.download-1Through social events, programs, classes, and exhibitors, the Overland Expo is the largest and most unique event combining adventure travel, vehicles, and motorcycles with education & commerce.

You can learn more about Overlanding by attending the Overland Expo East this coming October 7-9 at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. A full-tuition package, includes access to specialized classes, the vendor/exhibitor area, all demos, slideshows, and films, along with happy hour drinks Friday and Saturday, a BBQ celebration Sunday, camping and special attendee bag and offers. Weekend and one day pass holders will enjoy general admission to the expo. These people will be able to check out the vendors/exhibitors, all demos, slideshows, films, roundtables, and are welcome to join happy hours. Learn more here.

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