GEAREaston Outfitters Empowers Adventurers with New Tents for Summer

Easton Outfitters Empowers Adventurers with New Tents for Summer

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Easton Outfitters (part of Easton Outdoor division) just introduced its new tent lineup for summer 2014.

Since 1922, Easton, a leader in precision-built outdoor equipment, has been dedicated to engineering the best technical gear for the serious user. And at its core is Easton’s proprietary manufacturing of high-strength, lightweight, aluminum and carbon fiber tubing. Easton’s exclusive components enable cost savings to deliver maximum value with elite level products.

Their priorities are reliability and affordability in this year’s offering, thanks to a team of engineers looking to maximize efficiency of materials without sacrificing internal space or strength of the shelter — which range from cavernous family shelters, to re-engineered ultra-lights with carbon fiber frames, to the introduction of their Syclone composite tent poles.

Easton Cache 4P (MSRP $349)

Easton Cache 4P (with open annex)(low-res)Perfect for campers with a long activity list and a lot of gear, the Cache™ 4P tent is a basecamp/family style tent with huge livability and tons of pockets and loops to keep organized and make life easier.  The unique pole design delivers a large footprint, excellent stability, and near vertical walls.  This unique geometry offers huge internal space.  Dual doors make access quick and easy.  The available Annex™ vestibule (sold separately) attaches to either door and offers extra storage and covered living space.

Syclone composite tent poles featured in Easton Slickrock and Easton Torrent tents

Engineered from top-grade composite materials with multi-directional wound construction, Easton’s new Syclone tent pole is the most resilient tent pole ever developed.  Syclone poles are 80% more resilient to failure and bending than aluminum in wind and flex-testing.  Lab tests and in-field results reveal the amazing performance features that allow the Syclone poles to flex further than both carbon or aluminum and return to their original shape while still offering needed structural support.

Easton Slickrock 2P & 3P, (Starting at $299)

Easton Slickrock is a lightweight, three-season backpacking series that offers tons of living space with amazing stability and wind resistance.  The unique asymmetrical pole design enhances the internal living space and features Easton’s brand new Syclone composite pole technology.  Slickrock is the perfect combination of lightweight stability that delivers awesome features for maximum value.

Easton Kinetic Carbon 3P (MSRP $499)

Easton Kinetic Carbon 3PKinetic Carbon 3P delivers best-in-class space to weight ratio with an amazing one- pound per person.  Kinetic Carbon 3P represents the re-birth of the award-winning Easton Kilo 3P tent, offering a more usable internal living area and 33 percent more vestibule space.

The new Kinetic Carbon 3P has more of the space you like while keeping the minimal weight and stability you love.

“A lot of design and technological advancements have gone into the new line of spring and summer products,” said Rich Packer, Easton Outfitter’s National Sales Manager. “However, with our own proprietary materials and craftsmanship here at Easton, we’re able to keep prices down in order to cover a larger segment of the end-user looking to outfit them with highly technical gear without breaking the bank.”


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