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The Homestretch: Observations from the Final 20 Miles of Karl Meltzer’s Record-Setting Run

Observations from the Final 20 Miles of Karl Meltzer's Record-Setting Run

How Karl Meltzer Beat the Appalachian Trail Record

Karl "Speedgoat" Meltzer, the 48-year-old New-Hampshire ski bum-turned-ultrarunner, just set the new supported speed record for the Appalachian Trail.

Unknown Hiker Claims to Have Already Beaten Karl Meltzer’s AT Speed Record

Did an unknown thru-hiker somehow manage to break every known Appalachian Trail Speed Record?

Speak for the Trees: Big Meeting for Big Ivy’s Old-Growth Forests

A coalition of outdoor enthusiasts think most of Big Ivy should be permanently protected from logging. They have organized a grassroots movement to protect one of the most ancient and magnificent forests in Appalachia.

Karl Meltzer Breaks Appalachian Trail Speed Record By 9.5 Hours

Karl Melzter breaks Appalachian Trail speed record by 9.5 hours

North Carolina’s DuPont State Forest Could Be Set For Expansion

If you're familiar with DuPont State Recreational Forest, a Western North Carolina mecca for hikers, mountain bikers, and waterfall chasers, you may know that there...