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Karl Meltzer on Verge of Breaking Scott Jurek’s A.T. Speed Record

In the August issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors we profiled Karl Meltzer, one of the greatest endurance athletes around today, and wrote about his...

Trust the Hike

A youth hike leader and her cadre of rain-soaked teenagers discover life lessons that only the trail can teach.

The Most Beautiful Ditch in the East: Tips for Exploring the Linville Gorge Hiking Circuit

Often said to have the most difficult terrain east of the Rockies, the Linville Gorge Hiking Circuit attracts visitors from all over the country.

How To: Tucker County, WV

There's something about the ass-backwards yet forward-thinking community of Tucker County, West Virginia, that we absolutely adore. Here are just a few of those favorite adventures and stops.

Karl Meltzer to Attempt A.T. Speed Record

Will the third time be a charm for Karl Meltzer as he embarks on another A.T. speed record this month?

Watch: 100 Years of North Carolina State Parks

North Carolina is now recognizing 100 years since the first state park was set aside for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.