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Out of the Wilderness

They say that memory starts to fade with age, and at the ripe ol’ age of 25 I am starting to feel the effects.

Brew’s Blog

My name's Brew Davis, a.k.a. Jen Pharr's husband and her sherpa, pit crew, pack mule, what have you, for her AT record attempt.

Waltzing Away

For those of you trail savvy folks out there, you may know Warren Doyle as the man who has hiked the AT more than any other living soul . . .

Brew’s Blog 2

A Different Sort of "A"

Crawling Out of Maine and Climbing the Whites

The southern most 10 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Maine will not let you walk out of the state – you have to crawl.

Take-Aways from the First 440

So we did it! We made it through Maine and New Hampshire to the Vermont border