Top Ten Places to Hike in Virginia

With numerous spots to visit and trails to hit in Virginia, the possibilities for adventure can be overwhelming. Here is a list of some of the most memorable places to hike where there’s a high chance for stoke and absolute thrill with the views, wildlife, and natural landscapes riddled throughout these hikes.

Patrick County Trails

It’s as if Patrick County was designed purely for hiking enthusiasts due to their diverse set of trails. Patrick County is a great choice if you are looking to double up on hikes as there a many shorter trails that you could tackle back to back. If desire something more strenuous and long lasting, they’ve got those too. Once the day is done, there are plenty of tasty spots to stop and grab some refuel.

SandRidge Beach Loop

All right, challenger seekers gear up. Tucked away in Virginia’s Douthat State Park, lies an 8.9 mile hike that will leave no rest for the weary. You might push your limits as a hiker or breeze right through because you’ve done this a million times, but this hike may be a tough one. It’s a stretch of forest, marshes, swamps and the bay, that’s right, you’ll hike near the Atlantic Ocean.

Virginia Western Highlands

With so much to offer, they had to make a guide for all the trails in Virginia’s Western Highlands. Spreading out over four counties, Alleghany, Bath, Craig, and Highland, it’s virtually endless adventure to choose from.

The City of Salem

Home to McAfee Knob, which you’ve got to add to your hiking bucket list, and two other noteworthy trails that make up the “Virginia Triple Crown”. The city of Salem packs a powerful punch with trail quality. If you don’t mind sharing, Salem offers another trail that’s both hiker and biker friendly, so you can do both!

Scott County

Gorgeous all year round, but especially in the fall, Scott County boasts it’s breath tasking views and seasonal foliage for hikers to enjoy. If you haven’t heard, The Devil’s Bathtub is one of the most popular choices for hikers, but it’s totally worth all those slippery rocks you’ll have to scramble over on your way. Scott County has some exciting spots to visit as you hike or afterwards, like High Knob Lookout Tower on the Chef Benge Scout Trail, Lover’s Leap, and others.

The Alleghany Highlands

A paradise among rivers, so you get the trail and the tranquil presence of the Jackson river, the Cowpasture River, Lake Moomaw, and Falling Spring Falls. But you’re main attraction will probably be the Jackson River Scenic Trail because you came to hike right?

Dragon’s Tooth Trail

Don’t let the name scare you away, as it isn’t likely that any dragons will cross your path while hiking the trail. Located at the entry point of the Appalachian Trail, this hike is built for those who like a little bit of a “rocky” challenge.

Grayson Highlands State Park

Yep, ponies. Wild ponies. Ponies that you can hike alongside! But Grayson Highlands has more to offer than just ponies because they’ve got 13 different hiking trails, experiencing the ponies is just a highlight.

Mount Rogers

Test your lung capacity at Mount Rogers, as the peak is Virginia’s tallest, measuring up at 5,729 feet. It’s a 9 miler, out and back, but your endurance will definitely improve after this scurry to the the top. And if you didn’t see the ponies as mentioned above, Grayson Highlands State Park is right near Mount Rogers

First Land State Park Trails

Hikes aren’t reserved for the mountains only, you can hike at the beach too. Virginia’s southeastern coastline gives way to memorable maritime hikes, especially at First Landing State Park Trails. Here you’ll inhale the ocean breeze as your venture down a three-mile loop or an eight-mile out-and-back trail.

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