excludeChatter | BRO Readers Respond

Chatter | BRO Readers Respond

Chatter is a Monthly collection of Reader Reactions to previous BRO Issues


So many of us take life for granted. Clearly every day has meaning for Royce Cowan, even before his ALS diagnosis. Thanks for opening your life to us, Royce. What a great story of her father your daughter will have to tell. —Janet James

Thanks for sharing the inspirational, raw, and pure story of Royce (and his wife Natalie and daughter Lily). Royce is a huge spirit being sustained by his faith in a purposeful life. His story will echo loud and clear from now on in my own life and work. —Nina Snoddy

This terrible disease took my younger brother’s life three years ago this month. I’m uplifted by Royce’s story and the strength of the human spirit. —Susan Kaagan


Both essays in the November issue—“Why Mountains Move Us” and “The Stars Above”—had a common theme: look up. Mountains and stars provide us with perspective and lift us out of our petty problems. I suggest combining them: stargaze atop a mountain summit. —Matt Stoudemire


There are several good theories in “Why Mountains Move Us,” but I have another: being on high ground conveys a definite advantage and psychological comfort to any individual involved in conflict, and it has been that way long enough in human history to become ingrained in our consciousness. —Jordan Mitchell

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