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April 2015


West Virginia’s River Surfing

Oceans aren't the only place you can catch those waves. Meet two badass chicas at the helm of the river surfing movement in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Then and Now: The Evolution of Kayaking

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we're taking a look at "then and now." In this installment, follow the evolution of kayaking as we trace 20 years of bootie beers and paddle porn.

Pro Kayaker Pat Keller’s Top Gear Picks

When you huck class V, you better have gear you can depend on. Pat Keller provides his top paddling gear picks for the season.

Pro Kayaker Faces Long Road Back

Dagger paddler Chris Gragtmans reflects on his long road back to recovery from a shoulder injury and the lessons he learned from that forced time off.

Cherokee Trails

Walk in the footsteps of the Cherokee through the forests and mountains of Appalachia.

LWCF: The Biggest Four Letters in Conservation

Six months from now, the Land and Water Conservation Fund’s authorization from the U.S. Congress will either expire or be re-authorized.