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August 2008


And it’s only just begun. . .

It's strange to think that I've come over 1200 miles and yet still have close to 1000 left to hike.

8 Ways to Save Money on a Supported AT Hike

Jen and I haven't had a formal budget on the trip.

Water Wars

Water Scarcity Provokes Battles Between The States Something strange is afoot in the Southeast. Georgia’s legislature is orchestrating a land grab in Tennessee. Maryland is...

Bye Gauley!

Mountaintop mining site proposed near world-class whitewater

Here Comes the Sun

Big Box Chains Look to Solar

Olympic Gory: BMX Biking at the 2008 Olympic Games

Watch the 2008 Olympic Games this month and you’ll notice a new addition to the lineup: BMX racing has officially joined the Olympic roster....