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August 2011


The Long Road: Epic Blue Ridge Cycling Rides

Put the fun between your legs. August means cycling season is heating up, so get in gear for the long haul.

Hey Ladies

Shrink it and pink it? Not this batch of women’s specific gear, which takes more into account than just a cute color.

The Half: Running’s Least Celebrated Race

The half doesn’t receive half the attention of the marathon, but it’s possibly the perfect distance, particularly for new runners.

Sleep Tighter

Is your lack of sleep killing you? It’s definitely killing your finish times.

Trailhead Shorts: Energy Miles, Adventures, and Ride Across America

Energy mile testing, must do adventures and Ride Across America by the numbers.

Wily Coyote: Friend of Foe?

Although there were no coyotes in the Southeast prior to the 1950s, their presence is now growing quite rapidly.