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Dog Days

You splurge on all sorts of fancy, technical outdoor gear for yourself—do the same for your faithful canine companion. Here’s the best dog gear for the outdoors.

Thomas Rhett Collection

Country singer/songwriter Thomas Rhett has already been collaborating with Chaco to design sandals—and what’s a good country song without a dog in it somewhere? This leash and collar combo are both made from the same durable river-inspired webbing Chaco uses in its footwear and will hold up for years of adventures on the trail and in the water.
$18 collar, $23 leash;

Adventure Medical Kits
Me & My Dog Medical Kit

Dogs love romping in the backcountry but there are far too many ways they can get hurt out there and you don’t want to be left without the means to take care of an emergency. Enter this smart first aid kit that includes supplies for both you and your pet. That includes manuals for both human and canine, a cohesive bandage that won’t stick to fur, a tick and splinter remover, and an emergency blanket.

Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

Does your pooch give you those curious canine looks when you sip from your snazzy Yeti water bottle or pack treats in that Yeti cooler? It’s only because your friend wants some of the same outdoor class. Here you go: This super-sturdy double wall stainless bowl is ideal for camp and washes up in the dishwasher when you get home. Hell, it’s so nice you might be tempted to drink out of it in a pinch.

Backcountry x Petco
The Dog Travel Mat

Easy to roll up—it even to stuffs down small enough to haul in a pack—this take-it-everywhere mat that Backcountry designed with the doggy minds Petco not only gives your pet a comfy place to splay out, whether around the campfire or at the tailgate, it also ensures the pup’s out of the mud and dirt. Plus, it’s water-resistant and features thermal reflecting to help ease the bite of the elements.

Nomad Carrier Backpack

Not every dog is designed for a full day on the trail. Part of the love for the little ones is that you can pick them up and carry them. This handy backpack ferries dogs up to 15 pounds anywhere you want to go. It features breathable mesh, comfy straps, and a removable, washable liner (a big plus for even the best dogs). And the sturdy bottom means you can plop it down anywhere on the trail while the two of you get out and play. $90;

+Calm CBD Dog Chews

CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabis extract with health benefits, has become the rage for homo sapiens in need of a bit of relaxation, so why not share the love with your best friend from another species. These treats include 10 mg of CBD, which can help dogs deal with stress and ease inflammation, as well as ashwagandha, salmon oil, wild mushrooms, chamomile, and GABA. (Don’t be surprised if your pup pops into a perfect downward dog pose after chewing one.)

Desert Sunrise Collection

Standby outdoor dog brand Ruffwear partnered with Diné artist and adventurer Vernon Yee to create these limited edition collar, leash, and harness designs. Yee based the artwork on the patterns made by indigenous women weavers he watched as a child. Best of all, 7% of the revenue from these products go to Turquoise Paw, an animal rescue organization within the borders of the Navajo Nation. $35 leash, $20 collar, $50 harness;

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