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December 2008


Triple Crown Bouldering – Part III – The Stone Fort

By Brian Burnham The stage was set for some serious competition in the open categories.  Both Jimmie Webb and Jon Glassberg had a victory under...

Spot personal tracker gives families and friends peace of mind.

Exploring the outdoors sometimes limits your ability to communicate or get help if needed. The new personal tracking device from Spot helps to expand...

Use your iPod anywhere; don’t let water be a factor.

Drawback of the iPod or mp3 player? I can think of very few, but watery conditions definitely come to mind. Well, thanks to companies...

Telemark Skiing in the Southeast

On a snow-covered hill in West Virginia, there is a large group of men wearing skis and holding hands. I am one of those hand-holding men. We begin skiing together down the hill on telemark skis, and when our instructor yells “turn left,” we all drop our left knee, genuflecting in unison.

The Lone Rangers

NPS Rangers’ lives aren’t always a walk in the park.

Laying it on The Line

Appalachian activists answer Al Gore’s calls for civil disobedience to stop coal. But can direct action do more harm than good?